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Re: Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

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I heard that the DS9 writers wanted that ship to be the Enterprise that was blown up. How much more shocking would it have been if it had been a ship that we had been following for seven years?
That was shocking enough as it was. Sure it was a guest star ship, but it was a Galaxy class, which was the baddest ship out there at the time. I was fully expecting them to get away and them was just like.... ... when the Jem'Hadar ship kamikazed them.

Had the Enterprise been there, and been destroyed I probably would have screamed at the TV... and I don't know if that's good or not. Killing off the whole TNG cast would've been WAAAY too much, but it would've been equally as lame if all of them somehow lived. So perhaps using the guest star ship was the best move.
The they wouldn't have had an ENT for Generations. Which mighta been a good thing.
To be fair, the Odyssey took a heavy pounding and was withdrawing from battle. It is quite possible the Dominion could have let them go with their tails tucked between their legs, knowing that a message had indeed been sent. The New Bajor colony destroyed and the Galaxy class Odyssey heavily damaged and only got away because it was let go.

To quote The Changing Face of Evil:
Female Changling: No. Let them return to the Federation. Those pods are filled with frightened, demoralized troops.

Weyun: Troops that will spread fear throughout the Federation with tales of what happened here today. The Founder is wise.
They just decided to really send the message home, so there would be no doubt to their message.
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