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Re: VOY Caption This 97; Sense and Sensibility

Rick Berman demanded a virgin sacrifice, to appease the network Gods.

KELLIN: I'll be honest. I only made love with you because I thought you were an android.
CHAKOTAY: I get that all the time.

DOCTOR: Do you like it B'elana? This scene is based on a 20th century horror film Tom Paris recommended to me. Just look at my lovely children.
B'ELANA: A horror film huh. Have you been past the first scene?
B'ELANA: Do you know what a horror film is?
B'ELANA: Hrm. Well, enjoy.

B'elana thought she was marrying a badboy, but he turned out to be just a giant dork.

PARIS: So I replicated a Risan horgon, and showed it to Seven, and she took it completely the wrong way.
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