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Re: The West Wing now on Netflix

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Which wouldn't have been a problem if Sidney Poitier had been Bartlett, as it was originally intended.
But if it hadn't been for Martin Sheen's performance in the pilot, Bartlet may have been a bit character.

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On a side note, Whitford is one of the few celebs I can say I've met in my life time. He's just like Josh.
Yes, but can he crank out the one-liners like Josh?
Considering Josh was created with Whitford in mind for the role, I'd say there's a good chance.

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Sorry, I watched the whole series when it was on the air and have all but the 7th season on DVD. When did they skip a year to go right into the election?

The first election happened before the first season. Bartlett's re-election happened in season 3. So you add 4 years for his second term which brings us to the 7th season.
Bartlet's re-election happened in the fourth season (Election Night) and it was stated quite clearly in the first season that he had been in office for less than a year.

The time jump both does and does not exist. Some time between the fifth and sixth seasons time jumps ahead one year to facilitate the planned election storyline, but there's no possible place in the show where a time jump would fit as the Gaza crisis clearly didn't last a whole year. Towards the end of the fifth season they are preparing for the 2004 midterm elections, yet at the start of the sixth season they are gearing up for the 2006 primaries. It's a massive plot hole, an entire year inexplicably disappeared, but since it prevented another rocky season like the fifth most fans just go along with it.
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