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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

But at least the actual 'meat and potatoes' of the bridge - the center - has always been symmetrical, in every Starfleet bridge we've ever seen.
Amusingly, several TOS episodes have the centerpiece wantonly rotated for better viewing angles... We might do well to infer that the circular center area indeed can be turned around, as this would better excuse the otherwise dysfunctional layout where many of the stations are hidden behind the CO's back.

And regarding the Jenolan, she had a con/ops console AND a CO chair, which Geordi used at the end with its popout consoles kinda hard to justify both in a transporter room...
Every department has a chief; why not give a throne to the person who presides over these numerous more or less identical-looking consoles (one of which happens to be in front of a big viewscreen, but quite possibly all of them are, including the one Riker and pals access to reincarnate Scotty)?

Timo Saloniemi
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