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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

It's not just that console - heck, with the exception of the central three seats and the turbolifts (and whatever console is aft of the CO chair in a given movie), NONE of those stations are symmetrical in size or shape for the first four TOS movies.

And regarding the Jenolan, she had a con/ops console AND a CO chair, which Geordi used at the end with its popout consoles kinda hard to justify both in a transporter room...

Incidentally, that CO chair was an E-D style chair with the older popout consoles, i.e. the one that Picard uses in the first season, albeit with slightly different consoles (perhaps they had been removed in the interm and needed replacement?). So the chair design is eighty years old? Is Picard a real softie for antique furniture on his bridge?

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