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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

DearZip code

~ The question is not whether or not an android can pass the turing test or can be detected to be a machine. The question WALGMO begs is ....can a machine have consciousness? And Korby zeroes in on the problem -- proving it.

How can one prove or disprove consciousness? I'll go one step further -- there's no way to prove that living things are "conscious". From a scientific standpoint,we're all just grey matter with blood running through it. So what? What does that prove? (as McCoy said, we're all just 3 or 4 pounds of chemicals -- just add water.)

It's a religious question. Why are WE "conscious" and yet an android with all the sense organs, all the same memory we have -- why is such a machine NOT conscious? Can it be proved or disproved? This is the much more compelling question behind "Little Girls".

The episode doesn't solve the issue, but it makes you think.

~ Mister Atoz (the real Mr. Atoz ;o) )

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... and behaving like one would expect from a man like that if one didn't know him intimately. And Chapel knowing him intimately might make her eminently unqualified to utter insults like that.
That's having it both ways. If it takes someone who knows him intimately to tell the difference, and if knowing him intimately disqualifies an observer, then we might as well just replace everybody with androids that are "close enough" to the original. Any difference doesn't matter.

We have to defer to the person who knows him intimately, even if we wonder about their judgment.
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