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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

But not always meaningful
Well, life isn't. And in this particular case, it's amusing to note that the uniform colors of TOS originally had no discernible meaning. If there was any rhyme or reason to them, it was invented afterwards - and certainly shouldn't be set in stone, as "afterwards" is still ongoing.

The only thing indicating O'Brien might be an officer is when Riker calls him "Lieutenant" in that one episode; easily explained by saying Riker wasn't paying attention and misspoke.
Or was speaking to Worf; our favorite Klingon at the time was both discussing the very subject Riker commented on, and being particularly thickheaded and possibly in need of some otherwise extraneous-sounding remarks.

something we sorta see again in "Relics" with Geordi manning the CO seat with con/ops panels and Scotty backing him up on the engineering console in that case
Good point, and another odd configuration for a bridge. Especially one supposedly sitting beneath a neat round dome, one we see in the exterior view to closely resemble those of the hero cruisers.

Although we get no actual confirmation that this location would be the ship's bridge. The away team probably homed in on the only signs of life or energy aboard - and these emanated from Scotty's jury-rigged transporter, which may have been situated in a transporter room (a small one dedicated to crew rather than passenger/cargo use), or in a room of some other function but featuring a small transporter (like the K-7 manager's office).

On the other hand, we saw that at least one of Kirk's old transporter rooms had a viewscreen. And while the Jenolan location appears to have a Helm/Nav pulpit, the TOS ship had a pulpit just like the TOS Helm/Nav at the transporter room...

It would make some sense for Scotty to have chosen an engineering-related space as his survival bunker, and to have the ability to fly the old ship from there.

IIRC, the dual setup of Riker's command chair and Worf's console is at the dead center of the bridge. Both of those things themselves are off center, of course, but the midpoint between them is the center.
Yup. But there is an unused pulpit to port (audience right) of this raised central area that features these two chairs, and the question goes, is there another such unused pulpit to starboard (audience left) for symmetry?

The ladder-pillar thing creates asymmetry, but not necessarily more than the asymmetric door layouts of many bridges. On the other hand, the TOS movie bridges were also asymmetric, with the prominent weapons console to port but nothing comparable to starboard.

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