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Re: Love Facebook? How do you use it?

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I'm not a collector of strangers
Me neither. I have 43 friends, mostly people I know in real life, plus a couple from here and a few I met on Facebook itself. And I have about the same number of pages "liked."

What I love about Facebook:

1. FB private messaging is the most convenient way to communicate with certain friends.

2. There's an active private group of chordoma survivors, patients, and families. It's virtually the only place to meet other people who are dealing with such a rare disease.

3. It's the only way I can get my young-adult godchildren to (occasionally ) communicate with me.

I enjoy commenting on some pages, especially the NYT and local newspaper. But I don't update my status all that often, and I never play games. In fact, I have all apps blocked and my privacy settings as tight as possible.
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