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Re: Do You Think Dukat Played Baseball?

R. Star wrote: View Post
Dukat would be Robin Ventura to Sisko's Nolan Ryan.

Actually, from what I hear, Robin Ventura is a pretty nice guy. Not very Dukat-like in personality.

I suppose Dukat, compared to an existing player, would be somebody like Vicente Padilla, who always just seems to act like a dick and throw pitches at people's heads for no reason. In this case, Padilla is the Dukat to Mark Teixeira's Sisko.

Or, even better: August 12, 1984. Braves vs. Padres. In this case, I'll break it down as follows:

Pascual Perez (Braves starting pitcher): Dukat

The entire Braves team: the Cardassians

Dick Williams (Padres manager): Sisko

The entire Padres team: the Federation

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