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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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^ They (almost) escaped from the Time Lock before they died.

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I never claimed he could reach them, I said Tme-Loked is not dead, as has been shown onscreen
They did die. In The End of Time, the Time Lords were aware that the Doctor was about to use the Moment, which would kill them all. It's actually more accurate to say they did die, but it's possible to reach them depending if it's needed for the plot (but we're supposed to believe you can't reach them).
If I recal correctly, near the end of the Episode, when he dispatched them, he said nothing about re-killing them, but instead, said something like "Back into the Time Lock you go", correct?
He referred to their death in a previous episode. He isn't re-killing them anyway. They were killed once, he just prevented them from being un-killed. It would be a little more morbid if he shouted "and now you all can die."
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