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Re: Australians - heat and fire

They say that that 80 buildings lost is a low estimate and only takes into account those lost at Dunalley (65) and Boomer Bay(15). Still no confirmation if a man has died at Dunalley.

Buildings lost at Dunalley includes the school, petrol station, the RSL, shops and homes. The pub has survived ans some residents have taken shelter in it.

It is believed that there has been property destroyed at Murdanna and Connellys Marsh.

There has been a heavy loss of livestock.

My sister's boyfriend, who lives at Koonya (about 7 kilometers from Nubeena) left his house and spent the night at a beach. I can't say I was at all worried about him last night because he was so close to Nubeena.

Overnight the sea rescue operation has plucked more than 1000 people off beaches along the Tasman Peninsula and brought the people to Hobart.

My other sister has been contacted by our friend, Janet, from Bicheno. She is safe. One house has been lost at Bicheno.

80 houses lost in Tasmania. Miss Chicken as I understand it is not near these fires and no one else is from the forum.
Yes, I am quite safe. I live about 18 km from the most western edge of the Dunalley fire.

It is now only 20C in Hobart and this should make the fire fighting much easier.
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