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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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This wasn't The Avengers, it was the conclusion to a reboot of the Bat that kept the fantastical to a very low degree, and as believable as possible without sacrificing good action. It failed to conclude the series in that regard.
As an old time comic book guy, I find this rather perverse. DC has always been about the fantastic, while Marvel was always more grounded and mundane.
I say thee nay, mortal! Surely thou jest! Grounded??? Mundane??? I be a god of Asgard! I be not mundane! And I canst not be grounded!

No, seriously, I can't be grounded. Everytime I ground mine hammer and try calling the lightning, I get this cross-current that makes my fillings hurt. And sometimes I turneth back to Don Blake without intending to. I need to talk to Shazam and see how he makes it work.
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