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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

I think this just shows that Hollywood is creating more blockbuster fare the past 5+yrs and that's why films like this now show up in the Feb/March slot. Audiences have shown that if it's good they will show up during late winter to support a film.

It used to be 10-20yrs ago that Jan & Feb were dead months, the dumping grounds and March the borderline month to release a film you thought coulda/woulda/shoulda been a summer release. It still has to be marketed as such and convince audiences though. For every Lorax/Hunger Games there will be a John Carter in March. But hey, no matter what we still get a Battleship every May regardless so the gamble is about equal.

Summer is just that much more competitive than even 5 yrs ago when LFoFH was released. I'm hoping this means a big marketing push for The Wolverine cause Fox Studios other summer films are a comedy and two animated films. It seems Wolverine is it's tentpole action film.
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