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Re: Rank the Doctors

1. Pertwee. Not the first Doctor I saw, but my Doctor, now and always.

2. Troughton, Smith. Troughton was just a joy, and his influence on Smith's interpretation is clear.

Smith managed to revive my interest in new Who and I hope he's around for several years yet.

4. Hartnell, Davison. Hartnell's Doctor is greatly underrated, IMO. I enjoy his irascibility and the way his attitude to his companions changed.

For a long time Davison was my second favourite. He was a different and much more likeable Doctor than Baker's, and just what the series needed at that time. It's a pity he didn't have better material to work with.

They're a long way out in front of the rest.

6. C Baker, Eccleston. Colin Baker was saddled with the some of the worst stories and shabbily treated by TPTB, but his enthusiasm for the role shone through. How he's managed to retain that enthusiasm is beyond me.

As for Eccleston... I dunno, I just liked the way he played the role. A year was probably right, though.

8. T Baker - a number of my favourite serials are from (early in) his era but while his interpretation of the role started off okay, the mugging, the attitude ("I'm Tom Baker and I can do whatever the hell I like") and smug smart-arsery became increasingly unbearable the longer he stayed.

9. McGann - not really possible to make a proper assessment on one (rather ordinary) movie, so this seems both a bit harsh and about right.

10. McCoy and Tennant - can't stand either of them. McCoy's Doctor wasn't the Doctor and Tennant's over-the-top fanboyism was even more irritating than Baker's mugging.

As in all things, to each their own.
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