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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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This wasn't The Avengers, it was the conclusion to a reboot of the Bat that kept the fantastical to a very low degree, and as believable as possible without sacrificing good action. It failed to conclude the series in that regard.
As an old time comic book guy, I find this rather perverse. DC has always been about the fantastic, while Marvel was always more grounded and mundane.
Perhaps in the comics. I definitely don't see that in the movies.

Example: We have beings who are pretty much gods with technology so more advanced than ours that it looks like magic to us. Yet they still ride horses and fight with medieval weapons.

We have a guy with armor so powerful, it can take on Thor one on one, and the guy inside can survive without even a flesh wound getting pounded by a hammer that hits like a supersonic jetfighter on a collision course. And this is supposed to be technology feasible to us today (Stark designed it all himself)

We have a guy who is normal sized, but gets massively huge and strong every time he gets angry, and is able to jump into the stratosphere in a single bound, and then land from that high up with nay a scratch on him.

I'm not so sure I would call any of that grounded. This is not a jab at Marvel BTW, I enjoyed Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. I just know to turn my brain off before walking into the theater.
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