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Re: Orci again claims new series in pre-development

I didn't like the idea of a Star Wars cartoon either, until I saw how well The Clone Wars was handling things. The plotlines are somewhat too simplistic for adult tastes, but they're more mature and interesting than the prequels, the characterization is definitely better, and the art is drop-dead gorgeous.

If there's a Star Trek TV series, it will have recognizable features of something else that is currently a success in the TV landscape, because that's the only way to get over the gargantuan hurdle that there is no example of a successful live-action space opera series on TV right now. Someone would need to take a massive leap of faith to greenlight an expensive space opera series, and the movie business is so different that the success of Abrams' movies on their own won't provide the necessary sense of security (though it certainly doesn't help.)

Which means the most likely options are: an animated series aimed principally at kids, or an elaborate political/war fantasy, or a mega-violent horror-show romp.

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Star Wars The Clone Wars is a good template for an animated Star Trek to follow. Well, minus the stupidity of the recent Droid arc and a few other goofy episodes...
Yeah, but George Lucas is paying for Star Wars The Clone Wars out of his own pocket I don't think a Star Trek series could get that kind of cash.
I'm sure TCW pays its own way by being an advertisement for toys - now that a cold-blooded corporation named Disney is taking over, I expect the "charity" to continue because it's not charity at all - but it's a good point that Star Trek doesn't have as developed of a merchandising arm, so that's a strike against the idea of an animated series.
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