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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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Then what position did you take? How could changing events erase her from where the Doctor left her, without erasing him? They always give some kind of explanation, even if it does disagree with prior "canon"
I'm not going to repeat myself. I never proposed a scenario like you're discussing here. You made it up, so if you want it explained, you make up an explanation. It's got nothing to do with me.
You said the Time War spilled over to over places, erasing whole world from existence, therefore She would be erased, what else could that possibly mean?

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The Wiki is not the show, that's someone' interpretation. What we see on screen, is Timelords and Daleks have escaped from the Time-Lock, it is not death, it is a prison, locked in a moment of time, and is escapable, as shown onscreen
You're completely missing the point. It's time travel. That means that if someone died in the past, you can theoretically go back in time to before they died and save them, just as we've seen in countless time-travel stories over the decades, such as Star Trek Voyager's "Timeless" or Back to the Future Part III. Time-locking is a mechanism to explain what's preventing the Doctor from doing that, why he can't go back and undo the deaths.

Of course if you go back in time to before someone died, they'll still be alive at that point and you can rescue them. That's what you're perceiving as "escaping" the time lock. But that doesn't mean they didn't die. Doc Brown died in the Old West, then Marty McFly went back in time and saved him, so he was alive again. That's what the Doctor could've done if there hadn't been a time lock -- go back and undo the deaths of the Time Lords. But the time lock keeps him from doing that, just as the block on Manhattan keeps him from rescuing Amy and Rory.
They escaped from within the Time Lock themselves, they couldn't have done that if they were dead. When did we see someone Time Travel to before they were dead to rescue them?
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