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Re: How was Liz Sladen's death handled on Sarah Jane Adventures?

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For all the ideas of Clyde and Rani carrying things on, Daniel and Anjli were ready to move on - and probably would have left at the end of that uncompleted season.
Oh. I didn't know that. Well, I was just engaged in wishful thinking anyway, what I would've liked to see, not what I thought would've happened.

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
And it's not like the show was strangled in the cradle-- four and a half series is a respectable run.
Still, the reason it ended is very sad. I wish it could've gone on longer.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
But it's not like they KNOW they're part of a small but very special club. Even if there's up to a dozen of them potentially still kicking around in the early twenty-first century, not all of them would know that the Doctor would even still be alive.
I don't see what the Doctor has to do with it. I'm talking about the companions seeking each other out, becoming friends, comparing notes about their experiences. They're members of one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet, and it feels like a shame that they haven't connected. Sure, some of them might not have realized the Doctor took other human companions, but some would. We know that Sarah Jane tracked down most of the Earth-dwelling ex-companions, so why didn't she communicate with them more?

As for knowing about the Doctor, there have been enough alien invasions and weird events over the decades that they should've at least suspected the Doctor's involvement. And having traveled through time themselves, they wouldn't have forgotten the events that were erased from history by the cracks in time.

And even after THAT, most of them seemed okay with NOT having anything to do with aliens and monsters and watching the Doctor defeat 'em.

Quick list of potential former companions who could still be around, not counting the passing of the actors who played them:

- Ian and Barbara
- Dodo
- Ben & Polly
- Liz
- Jo
- Sarah-Jane
- Harry
- Teigan
- Ace
- Grace
- Adam
- Jack
- Martha & Mickey
- Donna & Wilf

Narrow that down by people who could potentially want to keep fighting the good fight, and list is actually pretty short...

Actually it isn't. we know from "Death of the Doctor" that many of them continued to "save the world" in their ways. Ben & Polly run an orphanage in India, Liz still works for UNIT, Jo's a globetrotting activist and protestor, we know about Sarah Jane, Harry developed life-saving vaccines before his death, Tegan fights for Aboriginal rights, and Ace is presumably the Dorothy who runs A Charitable Earth (A.C.E.). Jack was still with Torchwood last we saw, and Martha and Mickey are freelance world-savers. As for Grace (who wasn't technically a companion any more than, say, Astrid Peth or Lady Christina or Isobel Watkins), presumably she continued to save lives as a medical doctor. (Adam was pretty much a complete failure as a companion, choosing selfishness over altruism, so I wouldn't expect him to be on the list -- and who'd want him to return anyway?) Aside from Ian & Barbara, professors at Cambridge, the only ones unaccounted for are Dodo and Victoria. (And possibly Mel, who was returned to Earth in the Virgin novels.)
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