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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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1. I do not believe there are lots of them running around. We know TARDISes were tightly regulated, and running around the Universe freely was frowned upon while Time Lord Society was existent. So, there wouldn't be that many running around in the first place. And, many of those who were running around the Universe freely would have rushed straight home to join the fight. Someone like the Rani (or The Master if he wasn't enticed by the promise of more Regenerations), would've stayed out of it, and could still be out there.

2. Time-Locked is not dead, it's frozen in a moment of time, or outside of time or whatever, and they've already escaped from it once, and Daleks have escaped from it, so, although an almost inescapable prison, it's not actually DEAD.

3. Yes, I realize the Writers' intent is to remove them from the playing field, but, it's not necessarily a permanent situation, there is a loop hole if they choose to use it. If they really, really wanted them dead, they would have been killed, the planet would've blown up, instead of Time Locked. RTD chose to Time-Lock them instead of killing them, so, they could be played with as in The End of Time (Plus The Master and the Daleks returning)
I think we're talking about different things here. My intent is not to rain on your parade. I you want to believe that Susan or Romana or other Time Lords are still out there, that's of course fine with me.
Sigh, I've said at least 3 times, I don't believe Romana or Susan would've stayed out of the fight, that I believe they would've rushed home, how does that translate into me believing Susan or Romana are still out there?
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