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Re: How was Liz Sladen's death handled on Sarah Jane Adventures?

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They were written up in a special edition of Doctor Who Magazine, which I have laying around here but haven't read. One was about Sky ("The Battle of Bannerman Road"), one would have seen Mr. Smith become human, and one is being repurposed as an episode of Wizards vs Aliens ("The Thirteenth Floor").
It's certainly interesting the way they were intenting to take things.

For all the ideas of Clyde and Rani carrying things on, Daniel and Anjli were ready to move on - and probably would have left at the end of that uncompleted season. Sky wouldn't have been around for long either.

The next season could have featured SJ relocated in a new house in the country, essentially a reboot, perhaps with return of Luke.

So its strange that events are held in a sort of time bubble, the team that wasn't intended to last having adventures forever.
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