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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Also, is it just me, (and this occurred to me within the first minutes of the film on my first viewing) but didn't this film have exactly the same plot as the first Mission: Impossible film?

Yes, he has to get some disk that has a list of agents on it. Yup, sounds familiar and altogether unoriginal to me.

I guess with the cold war over, they can't think of what kind of spy plots to make anymore, so instead of spies actually spying on countries or leaders or whatever, all the spy movies are about protecting the identities of other spies. Geesh!
Yup it's exactly the same, even down to him having to go rogue and be hunted by his own side, breaking into MI6 headquarters to steal the other half of the list, having to recruit disavowed agents and work with criminals to try and expose the real traitor who, effectively, is M who was behind it all all along even though we thought she died at the start of the film and of course the was in league with Moneypenny who is shot and killed by M...

Yeah, exactly the same plot...
Obviously, you spend more time being a wise-ass than reading all of my post or my previous post to actually engage my actual point.
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