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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Gemoetry of Shadows - This was a decent episode. Sheridan's orange obsession is weird. The fact that they keep reminding the audience is making me think that the upcoming enemy that everyone is talking about are related to the oranges somehow. Maybe they're walking, talking oranges (thats a joke, of course, I don't think the oranges are anything but a weirdly focused on thing that Sheridan likes that the show seems to have a weird fascination with). The techno-mages were an interesting concept. The one thing in this episode that was kind of lame was Ivanova trying to get the green and purple guys to get along. One thing it showed is that those communicators need a panic button, something you can press just once to send out a distress signal, instead of actually having to just call normally for help, giving people time to remove the device. Still, it was funny how she solved the problem, by accidentally becoming green leader. Londo's parts were very good, as always. It was funny seeing what happened to him, and the mages words to him at the end were ominous. Overall, a good episode with a few flaws.
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