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Re: List of essential episodes.

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If you're wanting to cover ALL those themes your friend would just be better off watching them all in order.... I'd honestly just ask yourself what your friend is in Trek for and narrow down your list to 2-3 of those categories. You'd still get a couple dozen episodes.
This is good advice, thanks. I will think on it. That said, watching everything is not an option. We're very afraid to waste time -- we self-study. Even so, I intend to inject her with Star Trek culture. I'm under pressure as such to include enough hidden gems, the sort that really make you love Trek.
Well you'd know your friend better than us. I will say, among my Trek converts, I've had more luck using DS9 than any other series to get them hooked. Chances are if your friend doesn't like Trials and Tribbleations, the rest of Trek will be lost on her too.
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