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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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I never said "plucked out of time." What I meant, and evidently didn't convey clearly enough, was that the war was waged non-linearly, that it explicitly involved going back and rewriting past events to undo defeats, so we can't assume that just because we saw a given Time Lord alive at a given point in history, that means that event is still part of the post-Time-War history.

Remember "Genesis of the Daleks?" The Time Lords sending the Doctor back into Skaro's past with instructions to prevent the Daleks from ever being created in the first place? That episode is retroactively regarded as the opening salvo of the Great Time War, and similar tactics were probably used routinely by both sides once the war was in full gear. So yes, it does seem likely that many of the combatants were not merely killed, but erased entirely. That's only to be expected when you're talking about a time war.
Yes, I know about Genesis of the Daleks being Retconned as the opening Salvo in the Time War. I fail to see how, even if The Dalek Invasion was erased, or changed so they would win, it would in anyway erase Susan from time? The Doctor didn't make that TARDIS trip to fight the Daleks, his TARDIS took him there and it just so happened he ran into the Daleks there. Susan still would've gone with him and may or may not have met her Husband, but, if she hadn't met her husband, how would that result in her erasure from time? Some action would've had to have been taken against her existence to wipe her out. Anything not directly aimed at Susan that erased her because of a change to the way the Invasion played out, would've erased the Doctor also, since they traveled there together, not beause of the Invasion, but, simply by chance

There were no Daleks, in anyway involved in Romana's trip to the Warrior's Gate, so what woul've caused her erasure?

Now, again, I freely admit, in these cases, I seriously doubt Romana and Susan wouldn't have rushed home to join the fight, if possible, but, if they didn't how would they have been erased from time by changing events where we last saw them?
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