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Re: Rank the Doctors

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7. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
The blasphemy! Apparently everybody else's favorite classic Doctor, I do like him very much, and his oddball ways, the giant scarf, and creepily wonderful grin are all things in his favor. However, he's just so hard to read, and it makes me feel a little distrustful. He obviously had a big conscience, but I can't tell if he actually cares for any of his companions. He had a great rapport with Sarah Jane and Romana, Leela was really interesting, and Harry's apparent idiocy is pretty enjoyable. I had a hard time coming to appreciate K-9 because I found his voice somewhat grating at first. Adric is still garbage. Overall, I think the Fourth Doctor's overrated.
Yep, that's blasphemy all right.

Here's the proper list (Rank/Doctor):

11th: 6th
10th: 11th
9th: 5th
8th: 2nd
7th: 10th
6th: 8th
5th: 7th
4th: 9th
3rd: 1st
2nd: 3rd

And always and forever:

1st rank: The Fourth Doctor
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