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Re: ultimate reasoning behind prime directive ?

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One of the most blatant Kirk violations, that I never hear lip service given to is "Friday's Child". The Klingon hadn't interfered. He was offering an alliance, but he didn't provide arms or men. Maab's coup seems completly within his culture's boundries and Kirk sticks his nose in. The result is EXACTLY* why the PD exists.

Of course, alls well that ends well.

*Eleen: "I was prepared to die, kill him as well!" Good job, Kirk.

I suspect these pre-warp TOS contact CF's are exactly why the Feds changed their first contact rules.
Well, Kirk wasn't there to observe the Prime Directive. He was there as a Federation negotiator for the mineral Capella IV had.
Heh. You mean Kirk had it worked out,: "I save her, save her kid, get rid of Maab and get her back on the throne...and get her to sign over those mineral rights to us." I like it!
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