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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I will say, the quickbar restriction is starting to bug me now. I've had to discard some useful abilities because I just don't have room for them there, and other things (like relics) are slightly annoying to use. I'm enjoying the game a lot, though. Enough that I think I'll end up buying something from the shop to unlock the extra 2 preferred status quickbars at some point.

Yeah, same here. I'll likely end up doing that soon as it's quite restrictive otherwise. I'll likely end up getting more medical probes to revive myself with. It really does change the dynamic, as you mentioned before, and this way I'd kill two birds with one stone.
Exactly my thoughts.

And yeah, I'll miss Tatooine too. I kind of wish they'd make you return to some of the planets later on, but I guess the game's a bit too linear for that.
Again, I agree. I liked returning to Korriban briefly to get Kallig's Mask and would like more of that to-ing & fro-ing. It would give the story an even more epic quality instead progressing neatly from one to the next.

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Just started playing and it seems like I got to level 12 pretty fast on my trooper and jedi knight. At what level does the grind start or is it a fast run all the way to 50?
I'm on something around 29/30 at the moment IIRC, and on my current planet have taken to stopping to kill random beasts en route to the next mission instead of just speeding my way through without a fight. I'm doing this because I'm starting to notice a slight need to grab a few extra XP here and there to keep up with the curve. I suspect by around 35-40, I'll need to start actually grinding somewhat.

- I'm FTP, so gaining XP at a reduced rate (I did use the Legacy level unlock to mitigate this a bit on class quests and exploration XP though)
- I've only done a few heroic/flashpoint missions so missed out on their XP. I have done all the (non-heroic) bonus missions so far though.
- FTP also means a very low limit on space missions (3 per week), so you can't just do loads of those to quickly boost your XP.

In short, I think if you're a subscriber, you'll probably never have to actually grind but if you're FTP, it's going to start happening about 2/3 of the way through. I might be wrong though; I'll soon find out.
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