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Re: ultimate reasoning behind prime directive ?

[QUOTE=robau;7485910]I just figure the prime directive is practical in wanting to deal with fellow warp cultures for trading and whatever.

[QUOTE=Dale Sams;7485556]
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The pd keeps getting labeled as a product of liberal tng folly but it's very conservative an ideal isn't it?

I just read a discussion on that at a liberal board. There were a handful that applauded it. I doubt a single conservative does. Personally as someone who has been a conservative but now holds some liberal views, I have zero tolerance for zero-tolerance policies.

off-topic, but yeah, zero-tolerance policies have actually been shown by studies to be ineffective and actually counter-productive. What they're good at is appeasing certain adults by making it seem like "something" is being done, even if it's something stupid and harmful.
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