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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

Another thing: Borg and the Quest for Perfection...

I have not seen a more silly approach to logic than the Borg.
Think: They find a species, assimilate it entirely, and move on.
By assimilating the ENTIRE species... they prevent this specific species to evolve, thus, they do not create new science specific to this species, and therefor screw their own development to perfection, correct?
In other words: they prevent perfection....

How can, by ANY means, this logic being uphold?

If I were Borg: I'd go out, assimilate maybe 20% of a species, and move on to the next.
100 years later, I'd come back, see how far they moved on at the path of technology, and if it's decent, repeat the whole (depending on how far they restored their numbers, if it is insufficient, take lower numbers to be added to the collective).
Rinse and repeat...

I have the patience of a Sith Lord, the temper of a Krayt Dragon!!!
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