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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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One of the criticisms that I read of Shatner was that at the end of the day, instead of hanging out with his fellow actors, he would leave the studio and spend time with his established friends and his family. He treated his fellow actors as co-workers and not his new best friends.
Is that... bad? I have a career, I am happy in my job, and I like my co-workers and get along well with them. But when the work day ends, I go home and spend time with my family. If I want to something social, I do it with my "established friends." I've never once spent any time with my co-workers in a social setting. In fact, it would feel weird for me to do so.

Why does Shatner have to embrace his co-workers as "his new best friends"?
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