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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

I went to see the movie last night, as the wife and munchkins were visiting her mum and I was at a loose end. I was tempted to see The Life of Pi, the book of which is my favourite novel but I figured I might stil llpersuade the wife to go see it, but not Reacher, so Reacher it was.

It was a solid, slightly old-fashioned thriller. You could imagine it being made in the 1970s with Clint or McQueen in the lead. It's a somewhat surprisingly down-to-earth choice for Tom, when compared to event movies like the Mission Impossible series, if he's intending it to be a franchise. But I did enjoy it. Good solid cast, nicely directed by McQuarrie, with Child's reliable plotting providing a good structure.

Herzog was wonderful as The Zek, really how I imagined him in the book though I would like to have seen more of him. Rosamund Pike's cleavage deserves a mention and supporting role of its own - it was difficult to concentrate every time her magnficent chest came into view (legs were pretty good too).

As for Cruise as Reacher, well, I won't be picturing him when I read the books, but he gave it his best (One) Shot. He did well, even if some of the more Reacher-ish lines weren't entirely convincing coming from him. He's always watchable and was no different here. I didn't particularly care for the scene where Reacher put down his gun to fight Jai Courtney hand-to-hand - the 'real' Reacher would just have shot him. It looked like they were trying to recreate the Gibson/Busey showdown from Lethal Weapon, with the rain and what not. And the ending seemed a bit rushed. But all in all, a good enough movie.

Probably one for DVD if you're not a fan of the novels or the Cruiser. I'd give it a 7/10.
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