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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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I'm think it's in Takei's book that he says Shatner kept tanking takes and eventually Meyer said "Let's move on".

Personally, I find it just as likely that Meyer was choosing to save taking Shatner to task over his "condo scenes" rather than belabor this minor it is that Takei is lying.
So an early draft of the Star Trek II script. Is it actual shooting script? If not, then Shatner didn't tank the line.

And suppose that line is in the film and Sulu is in command of another ship in later films. Are we going to follow the Adventures of Captain Day Player and his anonymous crew on his unbeloved ship or are we going to stick with the main cast on the Enterprise? This would have been a Denise Crosby move and for what? To get a fictional promotion in a fictional world?
Oh believe me, in my circle, we make more fun of the guy who gets in a snit over "losing a fictional promotion in a fictional world" than the guy who supposedly caused it.
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