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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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It seems many believe something happened to all Time Lords everywhere when it happened on Gallifrey. I've never understood that interpretation. I believe it only happened on Gallifrey, and anyone who wasn't on Gallifrey, wasn't Time Locked, Erased, whatever. So, If Romana was still in E-Space, she would be unaffected (Other than what happened to her Home Planet). If the Doctor went to the time and place where he dumped Susan off, she'd still be there (If she didn't run home to Gallifrey to participate in the Time War).
The only thing to understand is that it works in whatever way the story requires. If the story requires all the Time Lords to be dead, then they're all dead, temporal logic be damned. At most, their past is "time-locked" so the Doctor can't go back and rescue them, or the Laws of Time forbid him from crossing their past time streams and altering their destinies. But if the story demands that a given Time Lord or Lady managed to survive, then a justification for that survival will be made up, no matter how bizarre or inconsistent it is.
I'm not seeing that, personally. I'm seeing them simply ignoring the possibility there were Time Lord off Planet, like The Rani or Susan or possibly The Monk or Romana. All we have to go on is "They're all dead" or "They're all gone" and they're obviously not dead, since they did escape from the Time Lock once, and "They're", I believe, refers to those that were on Gallifrey. Never once, has there been any indication there was any effect whatsoever outside of the Planet Gallifrey, that I cn recall seeing on the show.

Yes, the story writer will do what he wants, but, I've seen nothing on screen that implies an effect on any that were off planet.
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