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Re: Rank the Doctors

The Current Doctor is usually pretty high on my list, since he's the current one, and I like Pertwee and Davison alot.

I don't dislike Colin Baker or Slvester McCoy like many do (Though it's nice to see Colin Baker isn't in the bottom two in a lot of the posts of this thread, as is often the case)

I enjoy all of the Doctors, so, it's really hard to rank them. Eccelston, having only 1 Series is least known (McGann, I have gotten to know through the Audios), and I need to dive into the Troughton era, as I haven't given him much of a shot, since so many are missing (I have all the Reconstructions, just haven't gotten around to sitting through them). I think I'll work my way through Troughton when I finish Red Dwarf (Just finished Series 8, so only S9 and S10 left to go)

So, yea, I ike them all,

Smith, Pertwee and Davison at the top, Eccelston and Troughton at the bottom and everyone else in between, though the gap in likey-ness for the top tier to the likey-ness for the bottom tier is extremely small.
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