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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

And that didn't take long, Apophis lives and Jack expresses it like I would've thought.

3x20-Maternal Instinct: Jack, like me thought Apophis had bit it again. He now controls what's left of Sokar's army and seeks the child he had with Sha'rae. Whose turned up at a type of Hindu temple and guarded by a benevolent wraith like entity. Daniel is of course powerless to take the child but concedes the child is better off with them. I'm now wondering how the child will circle back into the story later. Will he turn up with accelerated growth somehow?

3x21-Crystal Skull: Fun story. Stories with crystal skulls are fun! It appears this is a one off Daniel Jackson story and that the "Giant Aliens" aren't likely to ever appear again but I've thought that before about other stories.

3x22-Nemesis: So we finally meet the "big bad" that's keeping the Asgards so busy....the spider-borg aka Replicator! So a mechanical creation of theirs has gained AI and become malevolent OR it's just part of their programming? Consume and replicate. I think the real interesting undercurrent of the episode is the Jack/Sam dynamic. Can't ignore that the writers seem to be pulling over the alternate world love story of the two into our Jack & Sam. Since I was told earlier the episodes are going to be cliffhangers from here on out I knew it wouldn't end it neatly and one lone surviving spider-borg Replicator was going to survive.

Jumped right into season 4 to finish the two-parter. The last full Showtime season...right?

4x1-Small Victories: Not a bad conclusion. It does a good job of being realistic in that it doesn't ignore that other leading nations, this case Russia, would've been able to detect and monitor a huge ass Asgard ship burning up in the atmosphere. So the international fallout serves as a good piece of backdrop tension imo also. Sam at the Asgard home world coming up with her "stupid ideas" to outwit the Replicators. I feel like a lot of setup was done to refer to humans as lesser thinkers just to have Thor utter the line, "It was your stupid idea". Do you think the next Asgardian master ship will be called the Carter---since she blew up The O'Neill?
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