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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

This past week I got Red She-Hulk #61 and Punisher: Nightmare #1

She-Hulk isn't overly wowing me, it's decent, but I'm going to see where this arc ends up.
Punisher Nightmare was really good. The Texeria art always is pleasing for the character. A book that took more than 5 min to read for once, loaded with backstory for the second main character. As a huge fan of Punisher it was fun to once again see the classic white gloves/white boots version of the character. He's also portrayed here as a thinker, tactician and boogeyman that I enjoyed so much with Rucka's run.
The story does feel like a rehash of what Rucka did with Rachel Cole-Alves except this time the parallels are much more a mirror or the Punisher's origin. Be curious to see how/if it diverges from Frank and Rachel.

Interesting that #2 comes out next week, back to back for Nightmare and with War Zone #3. Thunderbolts #3(not impressed with though so far) with Frank also, lots of Punisher love next week.
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