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Re: the Frakes T-Birds movie. Granted the original series was aimed at adolescents, thus, I guess, the decision to make the movie "for kids."

My argument is that the adolescents the series was made for are adults now, OLD adults! And they're the ones most interested in it. So why not make the movie a serious (but fun), mature updating of the concept for us grown-ups who loved the show as kids?
Yet some of the Thunderbird stories lines weren't exactly kid even adolscent oriented, arson, murder, espionage, terrorism, hijacking.

But thankfully for the most part there were no kids Think there were maybe 3 maybe 4 eps which featured theme.
I observed something interesting at my local mall when that film came out. There was a huge poster on a stand, and it looked pretty good, The interesting thing? The people that stopped to look at it were not the teens and youngsters it was directed at, but guys in their 30s and 40s. And that's the audience it should have been aimed at.

My dream project would be a live action Stingray made by Michael Bay. Yes, I'm odd.
No doubt because they remembered it from their childhood, nostalgia can be powerful. Now of course it would be wrong to target soley at 30-40 somethings when making a film. But from an initial point of view that's your audiance, you work on expanding it to include other demographics from there.

Remaking a show either as a movie or into a new TV show can be tricky, you have to be viewed as being respectful to the original or risk allienating part of your potential audiance. From memory in the uK at least the Frakes filmed was viewed to be less than respectfl, esp. when Gerry Anderson wasn't involved in it.
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