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Re: Was Voyager better?

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i already said i am thankful for those things but you need to realize TNG had large amount of viewers because there was nothing competing with it on TV at that time.

Voyager and Ds9 were going against each other as well many other Scifi series in 1995 and later.
Damn... you're right. I forgot that from 1987-1994 there was only one TV station here in the States and folks were forced to watch TNG or nothing.

Many of the shows that you complain had to compete against each other got on the air because TNG proved that adult sci-fi was a marketable commodity. And as far as I know, DS9 and Voyager never had to compete head-to-head for viewers. One aired mostly on the weekends in syndication while the other was on a network (UPN), Wednesday nights at 8pm.

DS9 and Voyager simply didn't engage mainstream audiences the way TNG did. TNG didn't suffer a ratings decline while it and DS9 were on the air together.
i dunno if anyone recalls that the first 2 seasons of DS9 had horrible rating like really bad...also i meant that TNG had no competition as nothing interesting in the Scifi department ,while against Voyager and DS9 you had stuff like Andromeda,Stargate,Farscape...etc scifi also became more common after 1995,people would see 10 headed alien and will be like we already seen that, before that Science fiction was a lot more new
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