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Random ban


my name is Werner, I'm from Germany and am a fan. That's the reason why I joined this board only recently. My nickname is JeffreyAbrams. Obviously I'm not the real JJ Abrams, but I like to keep my real identities and my online identities separate. Obviously I'm also not Wavy Rancheros.

Well, I tried to log in today and I was greeted by this message:

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.
Date the ban will be lifted: Never
Well, bummer.

I wrote an email to the board administrator Antony to ask what I did wrong. And the reply was:


Your account was banned for breaking board rules.

I am not at liberty to discuss what that breach is.

And ever since then, he stopped replying. Well, yeah. Randomly banning a member who has made only 10 postings without giving ANY reason AT ALL?

I'm pretty much pissed off right now. Is this the way you guys run the board?

Can anyone please tell me what board rule it is that I broke? Please? If it's a valid reason, I'll accept it and apologize for it. But giving NO REASON AT ALL, that's a joke.

I'm well aware I posted this twice.

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