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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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"Having read several teleplays and a feature film draft by Roddenberry, I can say the novel reeks of his writing style."
Thank you, I'd consider this as a confirmation in addition to Alan Dean Foster's clear statement that he had "Nothing" to do with the novelization of TMP (realizing I made a mistake in merely assuming, I decided to ask Mr. Foster himself and he was kind enough to clarify the issue).

@ Unicron

I do consider The Making of Star Trek as an important reference source for TOS, as it had also been the basis for the works of Greg Jein and Franz Joseph.

Of course, because it was written during the series, some premises might have changed after the book had been published, but by the end of TOS' run there still had been no on-screen evidence whatsoever indicating Enterprise to be a member of the Constitution Class.

I can't blame Greg Jein for not having had access to the Jefferies' production sketch indicating the Enterprise to be the first of the 17th design series. As far as I know this important sketch hadn't been published in the late 60's or early 70's which would make his research effort incomplete.

Where I do blame him, is that he was very well aware of the decisive text passage from The Making of Star Trek:

"The Enterprise-class starships have been in existence for about forty years and are now capable of surveying and exploring the uncharted remainder of the galaxy."

In his influential article he quotes the age of the "Enterprise-class starships" as a proof that the USS Valiant accepted by the producers as a starship name (my pet theory: USS Valiant is NCC-1831 and a member of the Miranda Class) can't possibly be the same as the USS Valiant mentioned in "A Taste of Armageddon" because it had been destroyed fifty years prior to the events of this TOS episode (excellent conclusion) or ten years before the first "Enterprise-class starship" left a fleet yard.

However, he completely ignores the "Enterprise-class starship" quote as it is obviously not compatible with his pet theory and provides no reflection. IMHO, this makes his research effort inaccurate, and therefore I see no obligation to "reward" it or the ramnifications that (unfortunately) came out of it.

Please bear in mind that this "heretic" thread of mine has been a test balloon for a blueprint project I'm conducting with a friend of mine where our aim is to reproduce accurate deck plans of Kirk's television Enterprise as seen in the series and in the original spirit of the 1960's with only little retcon input.

Obviously, we need to label the blueprints properly and the only accurate, palatable approach, as it seems to me, would be:

Classification: Starship (bridge dedication plaque)
Type: (United) Space Cruiser (monitor display from "The Enterprise Incident")
Serial N: 1701 (Jefferies' production sketch)

I think it's best to leave it up to everybody's individual imagination / preference, whether it should be Constellation, Constitution or Enterprise Class.

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