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Re: Conspiricy-blu-ray question.

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To me, the most hilarious thing is that THIS happened:

Execs: "I don't know. This is very graphic. How will children react?"
Producers: "Well...Dan has a six year old, we could show it to him"

Dan Curry: "Son what do you think, too violent?"
Kid: "No Way!! That was awesome! You should do an action figure with an exploding head!"

Exec: "Good enough for us."
Same goes for Tomb of the Cybermen. The BB C idiots and the infamous Mary Whitehouse were on the director's ass because of a Cybermen at the end of the story bleeding and writhing around with nasty foam spewing out its damaged chest unit, saying it was much too graphic and that the children would not like ityet the director's kids loved it.

They are just using children as an excuse for their own insecurities.
Well DW did attract the ire of Mary Whitehouse quite a few times. Makes you wonder how many people actually tuned into the a show that had here ire this week to see what all the fuss was about.
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