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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'v dropped it now though might return to it, what do you get if you have a paid sub? do you think its worth it compared to the F2P model.
I agree with Intrinsical.

You can pick up the game client for cheap. I've bought the basic one for $3, the collectors edition for $8. Install it and it will give you 30 days of subscriber status. Installing both will give you 60 days. Then if you decide to go back to F2P, at least you have the bonus items and expanded options.

If you're going to buy a lifetime, wait until the price hits $249 or better, $199. The main advantage of the lifetime sub is the monthly stipend of 500 zen. If you're patient, you'll never have to buy zen again for the items you want.
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