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Re: Rank the Doctors

11 - I always used to complain when people cited Tennant as their favourite Doctor and now here I am doing the same with Smith but I can't help it, the guy is awesome and was born to play the part.

5 - Davison is my Doctor, I watched a lot of Tom, and I have a vague memory of Pertwee but for me the Firth Doctor cememented my love of the show, and Tegan would rate highly on any best companion list as well for me.

2 - Obviously Troughton came and went before I was even born, but damn I wish there was more of his stuff out there. Doesn't hurt that he had great companions in Jamie and Zoe either.

10 - Tough call this, and on another day he and Eccleston would have swapped places. At times he's clearly trying too hard, and comparing him to Smith it's curious that Smith seems more relaxed in the role. I guess David had more weight on his shoulders being a fan. You can't deny his gleeful enthusiasm for the role, and I doubt anyone else could have played his meeting with Sarah Jane any better. When he was good he was very good, unfortunately when he was bad he was gurny...

9 - Oh chris, if only you'd done one more series at least. Loved the stripped back, survivor guilt ridden Doctor who still had moments of lunacy, and I doubt any actor could have played that scene in Dalek any better, spine chillingly good.

4 - Like Smith Tom seems to be a man born to the role, a man who exudes alieness without even trying. Longest serving Doc which counts for and against him. Clearly couldn't be arsed by the end but like Tennant, when he was good...

7 - Mainly this high because I love Fenric so much. Perhaps the weakest actor to ever play the role, still when he played it dark he was quite disconcerting. Too often played the bufoon, yet not as cleverly as Troughton did.

3 - I do like a lot of what Pertwee brought to the role, but I guess he's just not quite Doctory enough for me, he plays the role too straight (which was probably a good choice after Troughton).

8 - Hard to guage on on TV film (which he isn't even in a third of) but he definitely had potential. Haven't listened to any of the audios.

1 - I guess I just haven't seen enough of his tenure, and what I have seen doesn't grab me the same as Troughton's era does.

6 - Maybe it's the outfit, maybe it's the arrogance, maybe it's the fact that Who was at a low point anyway when he arrived, or maybe it's down to the fact that, as a child, he killed MY Doctor! I have warmed a little to him in recent years, but still my least favourite.
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