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Re: Australians - heat and fire

I'm hoping it arrives sooner and that in the meantime, things will be controlled as soon as possible.

After a couple of pleasantly mild summers we seem to have reverted to ugliness here. Very ordinary today - peaked around 35 degrees and worse, it was windy for most of the day. A fire around 20-25 minutes' drive from here is apparently under control. Any fire anywhere is not something I ever want to hear about, though. Too many tragedies, too many mistakes repeated and lessons not learned from those tragedies.

As ever at this time of year I worry about some halfwit tourist throwing a cigarette butt out a car window, or deciding they want to have a barbeque in the "bush", or something equally imbecilic. Not to mention scum-of-the-earth arsonists.

Summer sucks. I can't wait for it to be over.
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