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Re: ENT Caption Contest #86: Worst. Slumber Party. Ever.

Phlox: Amazing, Lieutenant. Had you not shown me I never would have believed you could paint T'Pol in the nude with tobacco spit.

Mayweather: Epic knockers.

That Vulcan ketsunoana. I don't have a Fu Manchu! I bet she has never even seen a Tarantino movie, for that matter!

Captain, thank you for refraining from your usual soapy activities for the night.

No problem, Commander. I left all my floaty boats in my quarters.

Hoshi: I'd ask you what you're thinking but then they'd have to pay you for a speaking role.

Trip: Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that!

Just for that I'll string him along for a few years then marry a Vulcan.

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