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Re: Australians - heat and fire

and the third big fire which is in the Central Highlands.

There is a large bushfire at Dawson Road, LAKE REPULSE .

The fire danger rating in this area is extreme . Fire under these conditions will be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving.

The fire is expected to put the area of Ellendale, Gretna, Hamilton, Ouse and Meadowbank at direct extreme risk from the fire front within 1 hours . You must leave now only if the path is clear. The residents of the communities of Hamilton, Ouse and Meadowbank are encouraged to travel north to the Community Fire Refuge at Ouse Community Hall on the Lyell Highway. Residents of the community of Gretna should travel south away to friends or relative or a Nearby Safer Place as identified in your bushfire plan.

A new fire has started at Meadowbank Lake. The fire has crossed Ellendale Road and is moving rapidly in a south easterly direction. Houses are under threat in the Jones River Road area and it is anticipated that houses will be under threat in the Rockmount Road area within the next 2 hours.

This bushfire is currently not controlled.

Communities will be affected by smoke and ash.

Spot fires will move quickly and come from many directions. These spot fires may threaten your home earlier than the predicted main fire front.

This bushfire is currently creating small fires ahead of the main fire front.

There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Fentonbury, National Park & Westerway.

A cool charge is expected around midnight (about 5 hours away).
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