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Rank the Doctors

Over the last year, I got into Doctor Who, starting with the modern stuff, then going back. I don't have any friends who are into the classic stuff, so I wanted to make some comments somewhere.

I love ranking things, so I decided to rank the Doctors from least favorite to favorite. I hope others will offer their choices. I did a search for a similar thread but couldn't find any.

11. Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
I feel bad saying anything bad about any of the Doctors, but he was just too bland. Classic Doctor Who is filled with so much padding, so the Doctor and the companions really have to pull their weight. Besides having the terrible Adric, the unrealized Nyssa, the underused Turlough, and the whiny (whingy?) Tegan, the Fifth Doctor just lacked any real personality. So bland!

10. Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
When I started watching the show with "Rose," I was lukewarm towards the Doctor himself, and it took me some time to get into it. I liked the premise, so I stuck it through (it probably also helped that I knew there were two other guys playing the Doctor in the "future"). Ultimately, I think the Ninth Doctor worked as a transition Doctor, with all that anger. His relationship with Rose was far less trying than it would be with the Tenth Doctor. Toward the end of his run I came to like him. His relationship with Jack was also cool, and it was probably the peak of that character, as Torchwood pretty much ruined him.

9. Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)
As anyone could probably guess, the Eighth Doctor is one I have a hard time placing, as he only made one TV appearance in that awful TV movie. I really liked the Doctor in it, but he just can't make as much of an impression as any of the others. I have listened to a couple of his audio adventures, and he is pretty cool, but it's not enough to put him higher on the list. Also, Grace sucked.

8. Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
I have very ambivalent feelings about the Seventh Doctor, as he is such a weird cross between extremes. He's kind of a loveable little guy with that great brogue, but it kind of feels like a retread of Troughton's Doctor. Then there's the whole Grand Manipulator aspect, which I find distasteful, but very interesting. I think he and Ace make a great team. I haven't really seen much of he and Mel.

7. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
The blasphemy! Apparently everybody else's favorite classic Doctor, I do like him very much, and his oddball ways, the giant scarf, and creepily wonderful grin are all things in his favor. However, he's just so hard to read, and it makes me feel a little distrustful. He obviously had a big conscience, but I can't tell if he actually cares for any of his companions. He had a great rapport with Sarah Jane and Romana, Leela was really interesting, and Harry's apparent idiocy is pretty enjoyable. I had a hard time coming to appreciate K-9 because I found his voice somewhat grating at first. Adric is still garbage. Overall, I think the Fourth Doctor's overrated.

6. First Doctor (William Hartnell)
The First Doctor, the one who started it all, is a joy to watch (so far). I didn't like him in the first episode, as he just seems evil, but his grandfatherly/old geezer ways really appeal to me. I love how he flubs his lines! I really love that family feel the ones with Susan, Ian, and Barbara (and Vicki, I guess) have. Ian and Barbara are great interacting with the Doctor, and Steven's pretty cool. Susan/Vicki/Dodo had some trouble with being interchangeable.

5. Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)
More blasphemy? The most arrogant of the Doctors, and with the worst sense of taste, I understand why he is so disliked by most fans. It doesn't help that he was paired with the incredibly tedious Peri, whose purpose seemed to be just to show cleavage, and whose terrible American accent drives me nuts. But there's just something about Six that really makes me riveted by his performance. He's such a jerk, but ultimately, he is a very good man. Maybe because of the Trial of a Time Lord, which was my first big exposure to him, which as an arching story really appealed to me.

4. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
It's really hard for me to put him so (relatively) low, since he was the Doctor who made me fall in love with the show. When I got to the point where he regenerated, I couldn't immediately get into Eleven because it was so upsetting. But now, all I can really see are his faults. His relationship with Rose was beyond annoying (no Doctors and companions should ever be romantically involved), and poor Martha was a character who only shined after she left his side (she even made Torchwood tolerable!) when her unrequited lover storyline had ended. While he and Donna were great, the moping about til the end was trying, and I saw them all within the span of a few weeks! To top it off, he immediately starts out with this holier than thou attitude toward Harriet Jones that just pisses me off. I need to re-watch this stuff to regain my love for the character, I guess. For now, nostalgia keeps him at number four.

3. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
Man, this guy is so cool. He just carries himself with this dashing air that is amazing. I think he had some of the best stories, possibly due to "grounding" him, even though at times his frustration with his exile was somewhat tiresome. I love reversing the polarity of the neutron flow and Venusian aikido. I haven't really gotten a sense of Liz yet, but he and Jo had a great rapport, and I think he works well with Sarah Jane. The best relationship he had was with the Brigadier though, who is one of my top five favorite companions (or pseudo-companions). Their cantankerous relationship and its evolution into one of mutual respect and friendship was great.

2. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
I feel kind of like a jerk for putting the "latest and greatest" so high up on this list, but after my initial disdain for him, the Eleventh Doctor has consistently been a great Doctor. He has this great balance of fun and serious, and has a big heart. I love his relationship with Amy and Rory, and I have to say, the highly controversial River Song is a personal favorite (sorry, I don't know much about Bernice Summerfield). So far Clara is pretty awesome, too. It can't hurt that he has said Patrick Troughton was his favorite classic Doctor, and he seems like a spiritual successor of sorts to the greatest Doctor of them all, without feeling like a retread.

1. Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
Damn you BBC! What an incredible lack of foresight! It boggles my mind, and is incredibly frustrating that so much of my favorite Doctor is missing. But from the stuff I've seen, the cosmic hobo is definitely the best of the bunch. Plays the fool, but isn't one. Oh my giddy aunt! I love the Second Doctor so much. The recorder, the giant fur coat he ties closed with a rope, everything! He had the greatest rapport of all with a companion, the slightly dumb Jamie McCrimmon. Zoe was pretty cool, and I like Ben (is that a real Cockney accent?). Polly and Victoria are ok. In this 50th anniversary year, it saddens me the most that Patrick Troughton will not be able to return.

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