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My fear is that once that date is reached, they'll have to stop publishing Trek books entirely as that timeline will no longer exist.
Which is of course not the case. Remember, in Countdown the timeline continued even after Nero and Spock vanished. No one knows where they went. But the prime timeline continues. No reason why it can't.
Exactly. It's established in Star Trek XI that THEY are the alternate timeline. So, if Pocket is legally allowed to do novels featuring the Hobus Nova and the destruction of Romulus, they can do novels set after that dealing with the effects that it will have on the late 24th century.
There's nothing in the movie that explicitly states that the prime universe is still there. An alternate universe can also be one that is changed from what was previously there. They know SOMETHING has changed but don't know if it was over-written like in COTEOF or a new branch off an existing timeline.

It can be taken either way.
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