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Re: Gul Dukat thoughts...

What I always wondered was if Dukat's desires no matter how self serving (getting Sisko's respect, Kira's admiration/attraction, Bajoran worship, Cardassian strength, Damar's loyalty) had been more fulfilled, if he'd been as willing to join up with the Dominion like he did

While its easy to infer that he was simply too in love with personal power to not try and regain it, there's some scenes in season 4 that do make me wonder if a couple of things had gone another way, then he perhaps would have remained an ally to Sisko and company. Still a self serving, delusional, egotist who would never cop to what he did during the occupation, but one who have gotten enough validation (however credible) to not have to get it through an alliance with the Dominion.
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