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I guess my main problem with Uncharted was that shooting people was really all there was to do. In Tomb Raider, killing people was not what you spent most of your time doing. In that respect I guess Uncharted just felt mindless and shallow to me.

I can see where you're coming from, but I'd suggest playing the full game rather than just the demo, because mindless and shallow it isn't. It's actually got quite a bit of depth to it due to its strong focus on story. In comparison, I'd be calling Tomb Raider the shallow one Now, mind you, if you're getting your impressions from the first game , the first game is completely different from the next two and is definitely more shooting.

As for those moments you describe about Tomb Raider, there are plenty of those in Uncharted, particularly when it drops you into a beautiful environment while and when solving puzzles. Some of the environments are breathtaking, which is something that I've never really seen Tomb Raider do very well despite the globe-trotting she does. I like quite a bit of adventure as well, and I have to say these games have it in spades.

Btw, this is not a knock on Tomb Raider, as I do have the Trilogy on PS3 and I do find them quite fun. I'm just happy to see that it will take some of the aspects of Uncharted and put its own spin on things, and considering it will take place on an island, I have a feeling we'll be doing lots of exploring.

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